Vector and illustration framework for Mac OS X
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 CDKArrowStrokeDKArrowStroke is a rasterizer that implements arrowheads on the ends of paths
 CDKAuxiliaryMenusMost drawables in DK have contextual menus associated with them
 CDKBezierLayoutManagerThis subclass of NSLayoutManager captures the laid-out text in a bezier path which it creates
 CDKBezierTextContainerThis class is used by DKTextAdornment to lay out text flowed into an arbitrary shape
 CDKBSPDirectObjectStorageThis uses a similar algorithm to DKBSPObjectStorage but instead of indexing the objects it stores them directly by retaining them in additional arrays within the BSP tree
 CDKBSPDirectTreeTree object
 CDKBSPIndexTreeTree object; this stores indexes in mutable index sets
 CDKBSPObjectStorageThe actual storage object
 CDKCategoryManagerThe cat manager supports a UI based on menu(s)
 CDKCategoryManagerMenuInfoPrivate object used to store menu info - allows efficient management of the menu to match the C/Mgrs contents
 CDKCIFilterRastGroupCaptures the output of its contained renderers in an image
 CDKColorStopSmall object that links a Color with its relative position
 CDKColourQuantizerGeneric interface and simple quantizer which performs uniform quantization
 CDKCropToolImplements a very simple type of crop tool
 CDKDistortionTransformThis objects performs distortion transformations on points and paths
 CDKDrawableObjectThis object is responsible for the visual representation of the selection as well as any content
 CDKDrawableObject(Metadata)Stores various drawkit private variables in the metadata
 CDKDrawablePathDKDrawablePath is a drawable object that renders a path such as a line or curve (bezigon)
 CDKDrawableShapeA semi-abstract base class for a drawable object consisting of any path-based shape that can be drawn to fit a rectangle
 CDKDrawableShape(Hotspots)A HOTSPOT is an object attached to a shape to provide a direct user-interface for implementing custom actions, etc
 CDKDrawingA DKDrawing is the model data for the drawing system
 CDKDrawing(Deprecated)Deprecated methods
 CDKDrawing(Export)This category provides methods for exporting drawings in a variety of formats, such as TIFF, JPEG and PNG
 CDKDrawing(Paper)This category on DKDrawing simply supplies some common ISO paper sizes in terms of Quartz point dimensions
 CDKDrawing(UISupport)Additional methods
 CDKDrawingDocumentThis class is a simple document type that owns a drawing instance
 CDKDrawingInfoLayerThis is a DKLayer subclass which is able to draw an information panel in a corner of the drawing
 CDKDrawingToolDKDrawingTool is the semi-abstract base class for all types of drawing tool
 CDKDrawingViewDKDrawingView is the visible "front end" for the DKDrawing architecture
 CDKDrawingView(DropHandling)Drag and Drop is extended down to the layer level by this category
 CDKDrawkitInspectorBaseThis is a base class for any inspector for looking at DrawKit
 CDKFillA renderer that implements a colour fill with optional shadow
 CDKFillPatternThis object represents a pattern consisting of a repeated motif spaced out at intervals within a larger shape
 CDKGradientA DKGradient encapsulates gradient/shading drawing
 CDKGradient(UISupport)This category of DKGradient supplies a number of prebuilt gradients that implement a variety of user-interface gradients as found in numerour apps, including Apple's own
 CDKGreekingLayoutManagerThis layout manager subclass draws greeking rectangles instead of glyphs, either as entire line fragement rectangles or as glyph rectangles
 CDKGridLayerThis class is a layer that draws a grid like a piece of graph paper
 CDKGuideLayerA guide layer implements any number of horizontal and vertical guidelines and provides methods for snapping points and rectangles to them
 CDKHandleDKHandle is a base class for all handles, which are the knobs attached to shapes for interacting with them
 CDKHatchingThis class provides a simple hatching fill for a path
 CDKImageAdornmentThis class allows any image to be part of the rendering tree
 CDKImageDataManagerThe purpose of this class is to allow images to be archived much more efficiently, by archiving the original data that the image was created from rather than any bitmaps or other uncompressed forms, and to avoid storing multiple copies of the same image
 CDKImageOverlayLayerThis layer type implements a single image overlay, for example for tracing a photograph in another layer
 CDKImageShapeDKImageShape is a drawable shape that displays an image
 CDKKeyedUnarchiverThis class works identically to NSKeyedUnarchiver in every way, except that it can store a reference to the drawing's DKImageDataManager instance
 CDKKnobSimple class used to provide the drawing of knobs for object selection
 CDKLayerDrawing layers are lightweight objects which represent a layer
 CDKLayer(Metadata)Adds some convenience methods for standard meta data attached to a graphic object
 CDKLayerGroupA layer group is a layer which maintains a list of other layers
 CDKLinearObjectStorageBasic storage class stores objects in a standard array
 CDKMetadataItemDKMetadataItems are used to store metadata (attribute) values in user info dictionaries attached to various objects such as layers and drawables
 CDKNullObjectSubstitution class for avoiding an exception during dearchiving
 CDKObjectCreationToolThis tool class is used to make all kinds of drawable objects
 CDKObjectDrawingLayerThis layer adds the concept of selection to drawable objects as defined by DKObjectOwnerLayer
 CDKObjectDrawingLayer(Alignment)This category implements object alignment features for DKObjectDrawingLayer
 CDKObjectDrawingLayer(Duplication)Some handy methods for implementing various kinds of object duplications
 CDKObjectOwnerLayerThis layer class can be the owner of any number of DKDrawableObjects
 CDKOctreeQuantizerOctree quantizer which does a much better job than DKColourQuantizer
 CDKPasteboardInfoThis object is archived and added to the pasteboard when copying items within DK
 CDKPathDecoratorThis renderer draws the image along the path of another object spaced at <interval> distance
 CDKPathInsertDeleteToolThis tool is able to insert or delete on-path points from a path
 CDKQuartzBlendRastGroupSimple render group subclass that applies the set blend mode to the context for all of the renderers it contains, yielding a wide range of available effects
 CDKQuartzCacheHigher-level wrapper for CGLayer, used to cache graphics in numerous places in DK
 CDKRandomReturns a random number between 0 and 1
 CDKRasterizerRenderers can now have a delegate attached which is able to modify behaviours such as changing the path rendered, etc
 CDKRastGroupA rendergroup is a single renderer which contains a list of other renderers
 CDKRegularPolygonPathImplements a regular polygon and variations of it (stars and other similar shapes)
 CDKReshapableShapeThis subclass of DKDrawableShape implements a protocol for obtaining shapes dynamically from a shape provider
 CDKRetriggerableTimerImplements a one-shot timer that can be repeatedly extended (retriggered) preventing it timing out
 CDKRoughStrokeDKRoughStroke is a stroke rasterizer that randomly varies the stroke width about its nominal set width by some factor
 CDKRouteFinderThis object implements an heuristic solution to the travelling salesman problem
 CDKSelectAndEditToolThis tool implements the standard selection and edit tool behaviour (multi-purpose tool) which allows objects to be selected, moved by dragging and to be edited by having their knobs dragged
 CDKSelectionPDFViewThese objects are never used to make a visible view
 CDKShapeClusterA CLUSTER is a specialised form of group
 CDKShapeFactoryThis class provides a number of standard shareable paths that can be utilsed by DKDrawableShape
 CDKShapeGroupThis is a group objects that can group any number of shapes or paths
 CDKStrokeStroke of a path, and can be added as an attribute of a DKStyle
 CDKStyle(SimpleAccess)This category on DKStyle provides some simple accessors if your app only has the most basic use of styles in mind, e
 CDKStyle(TextAdditions)This adds text attributes to the DKStyle object
 CDKStyleRegistryThe style registry is a singleton category manager instance that consolidates styles from a variety of sources into a single app-wide "database" of styles, organised into categories
 CDKTextAdornmentThis renderer allows text to be an attribute of any object
 CDKTextPathVery similar to a DKTextShape but based on a path and defaulting to text-on-a-path rendering
 CDKTextShapeText shapes are shapes that draw text
 CDKTextSubstitutorThis objects abstracts the text substitution task used by text adornments, et
 CDKToolControllerThis object is a view controller that can apply one of a range of tools to the objects in the currently active drawing layer
 CDKToolRegistryDKToolRegistry takes over the tool collection functionality formerly part of DKDrawingTool itself
 CDKUnarchivingHelperThis helper is used when unarchiving to translate class names from older files to their modern equivalents
 CDKUndoManagerThis subclass of NSUndoManager can coalesce consecutive tasks that it receives so that only one task is recorded to undo a series of otherwise identical ones
 CDKUniqueIDUtility class generates totally unique keys using CFUUID
 CDKViewControllerDKViewController is a basic controller class that sits between a DKDrawingView and the DKDrawing itself, which implements the data model
 CDKZoomToolThis tool implements a zoom "magnifier" tool
 CGCInfoFloaterThis class provides a very simple tooltip-like window in which you can display a short piece of information, such as a single numeric value
 CGCObservableObjectThis is used to permit setting up KVO in a simpler manner than comes as standard
 CGCOneShotEffectTimerThis class wraps up a very simple piece of timer functionality
 CGCUndoManagerThis class is a public API-compatible replacement for NSUndoManager
 CGCZoomViewThis is a very general-purpose view class that provides some handy high-level methods for doing zooming
 CNSAttributedString(DKAdditions)These category methods perform high-level text layout
 CNSBezierPath(DKEditing)This category provides some basic methods for supporting interactive editing of a NSBezierPath object
 CNSBezierPath(Shapes)A category on NSBezierPath for creating various unusual shape paths, particularly for engineering use
 CNSDictionary(DeepCopy)Implements a deep copy of a dictionary and array
 CNSObject(DKArrowSrokeDimensioning)Informal protocol for requesting dimension information from an object
 CNSObject(DKDrawingDelegate)Delegate methods
 CNSObject(DKToolDelegate)The drawing tool protocol must be implemented by all tools that can be used to operate on a drawing
 CNSObject(StringValue)This category allows -stringValue to be called on a broader range of objects than standard - in fact any object
 CNSShadow(DKAdditions)Big annoyance with NSShadow is that it ignores the current CTM when it is set, meaning that as a drawing is scaled, the shadow stays fixed
 CTestBSPStorageUnit Test for the BSP storage sub-system