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DKStroke is a concrete subclass of DKRasterizer that provides for a straightforward stroke of a path. Its properties include:

  • its width
  • its colour
  • its shadow, if any
  • its dash, if any (set using a DKLineDash object)
  • line cap and join styles


DKArrowStroke subclasses DKStroke to add arrow heads to a stroked path. A variety of arrow head styles are supported, and this class also supports “smart” arrow heads that can be used on curving paths to good effect.


DKRoughStroke subclasses DKStroke to add random variation to the stroke width along the rendered path. This gives a much more naturalistic and “hand drawn” look to a stroke, which can be invaluable in some kinds of illustration work.


DKZigZagStroke subclasses DKStroke to provide a path that zig-zags about the nominal path. The wavelength, amplitude and “spread” (roundness of the peaks) can all be adjusted.


Dashes are handled by a small helper class called DKLineDash. This simply stores a dash’s properties and applies them to a path on demand. The use of an object to store a dash makes life a lot easier when it comes to handling dashes in a user interface, for example.

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